4 Shopify Essential Features That Will Enhance the Customers’ Experience on Your Facebook Shop

4 Shopify Essential Features That Will Enhance the Customers’ Experience on Your Facebook Shop

The internet is providing an opportunity to every retailer to sell online. There are many businesses you can start online and increase sales, but not all will allow you to start with less capital.  Selling products on Facebook is a business you need to give a priority if you don’t want to use much effort. All you need is to create a great Facebook shop that will enable you to reach your potential customers. Shopify will help you to come up with a shop that will motivate customers to make purchases. Here are 4 Shopify features that will enhance the customers’ experience on your Facebook shop:


Security is the first feature that the customers consider before making purchases. They fear to encounter losses. Thus, they use the internet to look for the Facebook shop that will make them purchase safely. Using Shopify as your platform is an advantage because you will provide a reliable security feature. It comes with the PCI feature which allows the customers to make purchases using a safe method of choice. Also, it has the SSL feature to protect the buyers’ data during payment.

Discount and promotion

In this era, if you fail to provide offers and promotions, you will get a few customers in your Facebook shop. Hence, you need to ensure that you offer the discounted products by sending coupon codes to your customers via the email. With this, you will drive traffic,and millions of customers will purchase from you.

Integrated payment gateways

Another Shopify feature that will enhance the customers’ experience is the integrated payment gateways. Customers will purchase from you if you make them check-out quickly. With integrated payment gateways, customers can use a method of choice during check-out. Your Shopify Facebook shop will provide the PayPal method of payment, mobile, as well as credit cards.

Mobile optimization

Selling products on Facebook can be easierwith the use of the mobile device. Today, the mobile is not only a device to share jokes and images but also to sell products online. Millions of customers prefer mobile because of its flexibility. It is simple to carry and use from any place. Shopify will enable you to go mobile because of its responsive templates. They will allow your Shopify Facebook shop to look great on all mobile screen sizes.


Enhancing the customers’ experience will make you sell products on Facebook quickly. Thus, you need to ensure that your Facebook shop is secure to allow customers to make safe purchases. Also, providing discount and promotions will motivate the customers to make purchases because they will save money.

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