3 Tips to Integrate Shopify With Facebook

3 Tips to Integrate Shopify With Facebook

Are you in this situation where you want to start an online business and have budgetary constraints and no skills? If yes, you need to consider selling products on Facebook. It is an easy business that will require less capital and effort. You will only need to spend more time on the internet to perform research to know more about it. Integrating your Facebook shop with Shopify is easy and of great benefits, because you will increase sales. The Shopify comes with great marketing tools to allow you to sell to a massive number of customers. Here are 3 tips to integrate Shopify with Facebook:

Create a Shopify account

Shopify is an excellent platform for retailers without the design skills. It is easy to set up. You will only require choosing a Shopify theme that will match your brand. Also, you need to create a professional logo of your business. With this, the customers will know more about what you offer. The domain name is essential. It will help you to market your Facebook shop. Because it is easy to remember, more customers will land on your Facebook shop and make purchases.

Upload your products

Selling products on Facebook does not offer the customers a physical interaction with your products. However, you can upload high-quality images to tell customers more about your products. The process of uploading your products is easy. You only need to enable Facebook check-out from Shopify admin. Also, you need to upload your product information to your Shopify account. You can use a clear and unique product description to convey a message. As you know, Shopify has excellent marketing tools like the SEO. Thus, if you create outstanding content, your Facebook shop will appear at the top of search engines.

Find potential customers

Creating a Shopify account and uploading your products is easy. However, when it comes to finding new customers, the task becomes a bit difficult. You can simplify the task by knowing more about your products. You need to understand their benefits and the customers to benefit from them. With this, you will come up with great content that will send a message and millions of customers will make purchases. Also, you can motivate the sharing of your ads by providing an offer to those customers who share. You can also get potential customers with ease by providing offers and promotions. Every customer love to purchase online and save money. Thus, if you assure them of buying discounted products and getting free shipping, they will land on your Facebook shop and make purchases.

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