Selling on Facebook with Shopify: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Shopify Store

Store Selling on Facebook with Shopify can help you grow your brand, attract more customers, and increase your revenues! Here is how to use social media and grow your Shopify store!

Using social media to grow your brand is necessary, but did you know that ecommerce solution Shopify can aid these efforts? The Shopify platform comes with several tools, integrations, and features specially designed to run your social media channel from a basic communication tool to a money-making machine.

If selling on Facebook with Shopify is your current goal right now, here are a few strategies to use social media and Shopify to grow your business:

➢ Integrations for Big Outcomes:

There are a few social media integrations offered on the Shopify store created to make social media a powerful tool for both you and your customers. Social buttons are an easy and free way to connect your storefront to your Facebook and other social channels straight to your online store. Shopify offers a few themes with built-in social media buttons. Whoever visits your online store can easily find you on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and other channels. Social login is another integration tool that can make things easier for your customers. Your customers can log in to their Shopify account with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon or Linkedin account. The social login will cost you $1.49 a month. A video is a great way to present your Shopify store and all of your products. Yottie is a great app to use, to share your YouTube videos on the Shopify store. Yottie costs $9.99.

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➢ Free storefronts:

Ecommerce solution Shopify has created a few ways to turn your social media channels into storefronts. These integrations give you an opportunity to sell your product where your customers are already browsing. You can sell on Facebook without a website, also on Pinterest, and Twitter.

➢ Use social media to turn negative comments into positive experiences:

There will be situations where your customers and buyers are going to use social media to complain about your products or your brand. The good news is that you can read their comments and see what the problem is exactly and how you can solve it. Keep in mind that not every complaint or bad review will come in a direct message so our recommendation is to use the search features on Facebook to monitor the comments about your business. Once you notice a complaint or a negative review, tackle it publicly. The way you communicate with your customers says a lot about you and your brand. The way you work through a problem can do more good and remember to always be reasonable with your customers.

➢ Allow your social customers and buyers sing your praises:

If you are successfully running your online store, we assume most of the customers are happy with you. One way to take advantage of this is to give them the ability to give you a feedback or a review. Ecommerce solution Shopify offers a few great integrations that do just that. Kudobuzz is a great tool for capturing and presenting social media reviews, Yotpo is another great tool that allows you to capture and post reviews and use customer images of your products to your social media ads and campaigns. WhatShare is also a top recommend tool. It allows your customers and purchasers to share your products across WhatsApp. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to attract new customers and offer discounts to those who share your products on social media, Checkout Boost by Beeketing is the perfect app for you.

Take time to add these tools and strategies to your Shopify store and you’ll soon see the positive outcome and great results!

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