Similar but not the same

Even if you try to be similar to them, it is almost impossible to actually be the same because it is virtually a game of cat and mice to the point where all the parties involved would be known as people who want to be all competitive in regards to being the most sensual and also the hottest or prepagos Bogota universitarias.



Awesome prepagos in this city

Some of the best kept secrets in the world are the gorgeous Colombian women from Bogota. The reason being is that they are more reserved than the rest of Latin women and for that matter they donĀ“t get as much publicity as there other peers and neighbors. When you plan your next trip to the beautiful country of Colombia be sure to check Bogota women out and see with your own eyes how sexy those chicas are.





“Investor School” of oral sex seeks to internationalize

A few days ago a very curious note began to take social networks. The scandal was a “school” that offered a very particular course, learn how to perform good oral sex.

Seks school. RF is located in Russia and now has several assistants, usually ordinary women wanting learn how to satisfy your partner. Team instructor is composed of six teachers and Ekaterina Liubimova, Dean. The most requested departments include oral sex, deep throat and Thai sex.

In the enclosure is prohibited the entrance of cell phones, cameras and of course, men. Among all the girls learn to make better fellatio and move better in bed.

Each class costs about 100 euros and lasts three hours and a half, says Ekaterina Liubimova, blonde, high and slender Dean that although he studied film and loves nackte Frauen, several years ago became a “sex Adviser”.

As if an “institution” as it was already not strange, the slogan is even more telling and revealing: “Seks.rf, only practical school”. Classes do not have boards, or markers, or notebooks. The tools of learning are: dildos, vibrators, condoms, lubricants, mannequins and inflatable dolls.

The school also offers the service of sex shop where students can also choose whether to buy some toys for sexual encounters with their partners.

Business booming

He said Liubimova at the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, as well as its headquarters in Moscow, they have already opened branches in San Petesburgo and Moldova and in the coming months will open five branches more in Russia. The intention is to open up internationally and they are planning to open branches in Ibiza and Tenerife (Spain).

It has been both the success of the school of sex a woman traveled from Japan to learn the techniques offered in Russia, usually women who enroll in the courses are around age 30, are married with children in general.

At the time one of the courses that most promoted in Seks.rf is Thai sex, where women are dildos on a mat and begin to make some of the exercises so your vagina stay closer to the time of sexual intercourse.

Liubimova bet and your school is to give women “an arsenal of sexual techniques”, that can “be actress and screenwriter in bed” so that both have a good. It is an alternative to infidelity, abandonment, or increasingly sporadic sex with Die nackte Frau.

This is one of the few schools where the students they just listen to the Bell that indicates the end of rest and back to school.



Look of day for a getaway with investor friends

For this Easter with ropa Bogota we can go for a slightly different look. How about a mini short cowboy of Hollister, ideal to go with a few boots as the Pippa Low. All we can add the point of Fat Face in beige jersey and combine it with an as of H & M denim jacket.

For accessories, we recommend you add to your set, a color block with golden chain bag, which you can find it at Gojane page and combine it with a River Island gold watch and a necklace Bardot fuschia. And to finish off the look, we will put a Nail Polish in pink of Essie, trendy. And ready to enjoy!

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